The Sagebrush Sea Campaign has published a twenty-page color booklet describing the geography, ecology, flora and fauna, uses and abuses of the Sagebrush Sea. The booklet also highlights current and future efforts to conserve and restore sagebrush habitat across the West. These include interrelated campaigns to designate Bureau of Land Management wilderness, restrict off-road vehicle use, buyout federal grazing permits and protect sage-grouse. The booklet was carefully designed to serve a variety of audiences, including local, state, and federal decisionmakers, agency officials, media, conservationists and the general public.

Two versions of the booklet are available for download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Attractive paper copies of the booklet are also available for $10 (including shipping). To order booklets, contact Mark Salvo at

Size: 1.15 mb.
Dowloads and displays quickly.
Version 1 is best for viewing on your computer. This file is formatted to display the booklet on your computer monitor as you would read the paper copy. The file is smaller than version 2 to allow for faster download.

Size: 31.9 mb.
Download may require several minutes using a broadband internet connection.
Version 2 is formatted for printing on 8.5" x 11" paper. This file is huge, and requires a fast, broadband internet connection to download successfully (DSL, cable).