GREATER SAGE-GROUSE: Ambassador of the Sagebrush Sea
The Sagebrush Sea Campaign and partners have endeavored to protect the greater sage-grouse under the Endangered Species Act for more than a decade. The bird has had a convoluted journey to listing, including a forced detour during the Bush Administration. The U.S. Fish and Wildilfe Service finally determined the sage-grouse was "warranted, but precluded" for listing in 2010. WildEarth Guardians landmark settlement agreement with the Service subsequently set a deadline for a listing decision in 2015.
Sage-Grouse Resources
Federal and state agencies and private entities are now working quickly to develop new measures to conserve sage-grouse that might preclude the need to list the species.
Conservationists Advise Western Governors on Sage-Grouse Conservation
  May 10, 2012 Conservationists urged western governors to seize the opportunity to join with the federal government to conserve greater sage-grouse on public and private lands in the West.
Powder River Basin Sage-grouse at Risk of Extirpation
  March 16, 2012 A new study commissioned by the BLM has exposed major difficulties with the current approach to sage-grouse conservation in the Powder River Basin.
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