Conserving Greater Sage Grouse

Sagebrush Sea Birds

A Blueprint for Sage-grouse Conservation and Recovery

The "Blueprint for Sage-grouse Conservation and Recovery" contains specific recommendations that, if implemented by land management agencies, are designed to increase sage-grouse abundance by 33% by 2015 and increase sage-grouse distribution by 20% by 2030. Key recommendations include minimizing habitat fragmentation; avoiding drilling and road construction in wintering habitats and within 3.3 miles of lek sites to protect breeding and nesting habitat; avoiding large-scale (>50 acres) sagebrush burning or removal; and optimizing livestock grazing methods to maintain and enhance sage-grouse habitats.

Media Releases
July 20, 2006
Feds Must Adopt Science-Based Solution to Avoid Sage Grouse ESA Listing
June 22, 2006  New Report Presents Blueprint for Sage-grouse Recovery
Study Braun, C. E. 2006. A blueprint for sage-grouse conservation and recovery. Unpublished report. Grouse, Inc. Tucson, AZ.

Jackson Hole News & Guide Grouse protections 'good for industry' (7/24/06)